How Do You Size Hydraulic and Pneumatic NFPA Cylinders?

Why Should You Choose Duramaster NFPA Cylinders?

When sizing hydraulic and pneumatic NFPA cylinders, it is fairly straightforward to calculate how much force an air cylinder of a particular bore size will produce. Just multiply the effective area of the piston (in square inches) by the supply pressure (in pounds per square inch) and the result will be the force output of the cylinder (in pounds of force). The effective area of the piston can be obtained from our catalog, where we also provide pre-calculated forces for common supply pressures. Our NFPA Cylinders have proven to be top of the line, long lasting and have a 2 year warranty unlike some of our competitor’s cheaper versions. Our friendly customer service and quick response time also stands out against some of the bigger competitors that can be challenging to work with. If you need help determining which of the NFPA cylinders are right for your application or we can assist with a sizing question, just give our engineering department a call at 813-882-0040. Our engineers have been designing and perfecting NFPA cylinders for over 45 years and would be glad to assist you.

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