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Looking for a pneumatic cylinder actuator with air piston? At Duramaster Cylinders we offer high quality NFPA interchangeable rod cylinders, tie rod cylinders, air over hydraulic cylinders & also do many custom air piston style units to fit any application you may have. We have options of a single acting pneumatic cylinder, double acting pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic cylinders and custom multi-stage configurations.

Made in the USA & ISO certified

Buy from a company with a quality orientation and a passion for innovation.

NFPA Tie Rod Cylinders from Duramaster – They Go The Distance

Long style 660 bronze bushing provides maximum wear resistance for increased durability and lowest friction. Some other manufacturers use ductile iron or even plastic bushings.
Graphite impregnated wear bands on the piston are extra wide for added support. Some manufacturers do not even include wear bands.
Floating cushions reduce the speed of the piston as it approaches the end of stroke, but they do not affect the speed of the piston in the opposite direction. Some other manufacturers use cushions that affect the speed in both directions, and some do not even offer cushions.
Headcaps are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for high strength and low weight. Then they are black anodized to resist corrosion and oxidation. Some manufacturers use die cast heads, which can have low strength issues, and porosity problems.
Bushing retainer plate is removable with standard allen wrenches (hex keys). This allows the bushing to be replaced easily, without disassembling the cylinder. Some manufacturers retain their bushing with snap rings, or do not have removable bushings at all.
Our Full Duramountâ„¢ series provides internal tie rod nuts for maximum space savings and interchangeability of mounting styles. Other manufacturers have exposed tie rod nuts which can create space problems, and can prevent interchanging mounts.

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