Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator & Air Piston Product Lines

Looking for a pneumatic cylinder actuator with air piston? At Duramaster Cylinders, we offer high quality NFPA interchangeable rod cylinders, tie rod cylinders, air over hydraulic cylinders & also do many custom air piston style units to fit any application you may have. We have options of a single acting pneumatic cylinder, double acting pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic cylinders and custom multi-stage configurations.

Our Products

NFPA Air Piston Cylinders & Tie Rod Cylinders

NFPA Round Pneumatic Air Cylinders (DRNS Series)

Non-NFPA Economy Cylinders (DURA-E Series)

Air Over Oil Tanks

NFPA Cylinder Accessories

NFPA Air Cylinder Mounts

Duramaster Rod Cylinders & Pneumatic Pistons

High Performance NFPA Interchangeable Rod Cylinders

Single Acting Cylinder
Double Acting Cylinder
Custom Mutli-Stage Configurations

Pressure Rating:
250 PSI Pneumatic
400 PSI Hydraulic non-shock service

Bore Sizes:
1 1/2" through 8" standard.

Mounting Styles:
15 standard NFPA air cylinder mounts; specials available.

Rod Ends:
All standard NFPA rod ends; other rod end styles available upon request.

Piston & Rod Seals:
80 durometer nitrile, lip type standard.

Cylinder Tube:
Thick-wall 6063-T832 aluminum alloy; Bore O.D.. & I.D. hard coated to resist scoring and corrosion. 60 RC on I.D.

Tie Rods:
Standard 303 Stainless Steel.

Unitized Heavy-Duty Rod Cartridge:
Precision machined and pilot fitted to assure concentricity, better sealing; reduces wear by resisting side load stress. Provides for quick change of rod seals.


Opening and Closing Doors

Sliding Doors Open and Shut

Sliding Doors Open and Shut

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