Duramaster Bucks the “Throw-Away Mentality”

How many times have you lamented the trend toward ever more short-cuts and ever-shorter product life for both consumer and industrial products? Sadly, too many of us have resigned ourselves to this. We buy products knowing they will fail in a short time, but feel we have no alternative, at least not at a reasonable cost.

Well, at Greenco’s Duramaster Division, we continue to believe in an uncompromising adherence to product quality, and we are happy to be the “Maytag repairmen” of our industry. We are pleased we won’t be taking calls on our product repair line from satisfied customers whose Duramaster products keep serving their needs year after year—it gives us more time to build new units for a growing customer base.

Duramaster’s NFPA-interchangeable tie rod cylinders, for example, are built with an eye to quality that is reflected in a careful manufacturing process and top-quality components from the inside to the outside—brass bushings, for example. Bucking the trend to cut corners, Duramaster continues to look for opportunities to upgrade these components over time. Stainless steel tie rods have recently been added as a standard feature for this product. We recently received an email from a customer who had taken delivery on an order of over 100 of these cylinders and who let us know that he was “very pleased” with the quality of the product.

Sales Manager John Schiestl explains that “disciplined materials purchasing has enabled Duramaster to maintain the very highest standards of quality without sacrificing its competitive pricing.” He adds that the importance of exceptional levels of service should not be overlooked. “Don’t be fooled by the large manufacturers who have led us to believe there is no alternative to buying cylinders that are mass-produced overseas. If there is a problem with those cylinders, who are you going to call? Who will help you figure out how to address the need for a special order? Will you find someone who will pay attention to you? At Duramaster, we believe our customers are not only buying a quality product, they are buying a customer relationship and a commitment to service.”

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